Home Improvement

Styling a House for Sale and Not Feel Sorry About It

Styling a house for sale is most of the time easier said than done. It can be a very intimidating job to some of us, especially to those who do not have any relevant background or experience on this. 

What if I tell you that you have the power to transform your house and make it look bigger than it is, sans any costly add-on? Would you believe that even a simple coat of paint has the power to transform a lifeless and gray outdated space and turn it into a haven which property hunters and buyers would have a keen interest to make it their own? 

Styling a house for sale is a form of art and requires imagination and skills. Its main purpose is to present your home in the best light, and showcase what its best features are and make it the key selling point. 

In the absence of relevant experience in this area, enlisting the help and services of a professional home stager, who happens to have a perfect understanding of how the current market is doing nowadays, will be of great help. Such professionals can even give you a hand in maximizing the individual rooms of your house. 

If you happen to come across a very talented home stager, he’d not have a hard time transforming a cozy nook so that it can become and feel downright spacious. 

Say Goodbye to Clutter and Hello to Storage

If there are items in your house that you have not used in years, you may consider giving it away. To someone who is going to make good use of it. Whether these would be items in your attic, pantry, closet, basement or kitchen cabinets, the best thing to do is move whatever extra you have in there and then streamline whatever you decide to still keep. It works to your advantage if you will know how to overwhelm your potential buyers positively in terms of the simplicity of your home’s inner space. Veer away from having a hodgepodge of clutter. 

What you need to show to a potential home buyer is the space they can have in your home, and 

you need to make a conscious effort to showcase it, including closets. If you choose to have your stuff during the home staging process, make it sure that you leave your closets one-third empty. 

If you happen to have a sundry of out-of-season apparel, you may want to decide to store them elsewhere for now. It is important to have your closet doors remain open, this way you are giving your potential buyers a sneak peek to how much of a valuable space they could have.  

Never Make an Assumption That Buyers Won’t Take a Look “There”  

Normally, home sellers think that potential buyers won’t have the slightest interest in looking at spots they skimped on getting done. For instance, you have a junk drawer that has not been cleared up for years. When trying to put up your home onto the property market, anticipate that homebuyers are likely to look and inspect at every single door and drawer, closets and cabinets. Remind yourself that there will be no off-limits for them. The house itself is still your property, but these buyers are probing every corner if they too would be interested in making it their own soon.  

Keep Your Pets Away for Now

pet cat on a couch

It is okay to have your pets around, you may consider them as your family member. But keep in mind that they are your family. So don’t assume that your prospective buyer would be very appreciative to have them around. There is no way to tell. 

Even if you are so used to the smell of their fur and you don’t take it against them when they have mounds of fur everywhere, the sheer sight of a snowball could be more than enough to make your home’s winning impression dissipate into oblivion.  

Fix What’s Underfoot

If your floor carpet is having that unpleasant grubby appearance, it may be high time that you have them steam cleaned first. This will help in getting rid of any odor and long-seated dirt and grime would be removed, too. 

In the case of the carpet system that is completely beyond repair, what can you do about it? If there is no possible way you can make it look decent, your next best course of action to take is to replace it. Look for a plush carpet that you think will be perfect to take the place of the frayed one you have. You can also perk up your potential buyer’s interest by replacing badly damaged carpet with hardwood floors.