Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Bedside Commode

So, you’ve decided to buy a bedside commode but are unsure which model is best for you. This article will help you understand which commode to purchase by considering certain factors and features.

Also known as toilet chairs, commode chairs, or portable toilets, bedside commodes are usually made up of a frame, toilet seat, removable bucket, and a wide array of design features beneficial to the user.

By using this freestanding toilet chair near the bed, users don’t have to risk their safety and exert more effort to accomplish their personal toileting. People recovering from a short-term injury or are facing permanent mobility issues can benefit from this portable commode by making toileting easy and safe.

There are several factors to be considered when buying a commode to determine which one is right for you or your loved one.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bedside Commode

User’s Level of Mobility

In order to get the right mobility aid for yourself or a loved one, it is necessary to consider first the level of immobility of a person who will be using the device. In doing this, you are sure that the commode or any mobility aid meets their needs. 

Weight Capacity

Determining the weight capacity of the commode will ensure the user’s safety while using the device. There are also Bariatric models that can safely accommodate users with much higher weights. For smaller-than-average users, they may require closed-front seats and shorter railings in order to keep their legs in a proper position.  

Adjustability Features

Commodes with better adjustability features help provide safety, proper positioning, and support. Also, this feature allows device customization to cater to the unique needs of each user.

Thankfully, most quality commodes are height adjustable, with some models offering seat width, backrest, and armrest adjustment. The drop-arms can also be a crucial feature since they provide comfortable support to the user while seated. And they drop out of the way to enable better access for transfers from wheelchairs, patient lifts, or other transfer devices.  

User Comfort

Comfort should be at the top of your priority list when buying any mobility device. Commode’s height adjustability feature can make users more comfortable by adjusting the chair to their height. Other commode models are designed to be ergonomic to provide comfortable support. Some have padded seats to provide better comfort. 


Quality commodes are often made from steel, aluminum, or some kind of tough polymer plastic. The safety of the person using the commode is critical, that is why it is necessary to select a model that has a tough and durable construction. 


Depending on the quality and design features of the device, the price points vary widely with bedside commodes. Nowadays, finding a durable and dependable choice has become easy due to the abundance of options available in the market. Remember that buying commodes with all-in-one designs can save you some bucks by not having to buy three or four separate pieces of equipment. 


A portable commode is a must for people with limited mobility or those who can’t safely get to a toilet or bathroom. 

Having this device close by them can reduce the risk of injury due to falling on their way to the bathroom. However, before buying a commode, it is vital to know and consider the factors mentioned in this article to maximize their use and optimize safety.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this article! We invite you to visit Doability for more valuable information as you prepare to make your purchasing decisions.

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Why the Coronavirus Can’t Live in Water at a Swim Spa for Sale?

Water plays a big part in our day to day existence. We drink water, we also cook and prepare our food with water. We wash our hands with it, clean the house, and we give our dogs a bath using water.

We also bathe ourselves with water, and most of us love to swim in a pool of water on a muggy afternoon, right? Simply put, water plays a significant role in almost everything in our life. Hence, it is safe to say that we live in it.

The next time that you turn on your tap at home, you may be wondering if the novel Coronavirus can survive in water, too. The countless number of people from around the globe are asking the same question, too.

hot tub relaxation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), together with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, gave their official statement about this impression of the general public. According to their spokesperson, scientific experiments show no evidence that the spread of the new novel corona virus is even likely to occur in the public water supply. This can be attributed to the sanitation efforts done on water treatment facilities where tap water comes from.

But things took a 360 degree turn when it comes to the untreated wastewater. Experts found out that the corona virus can thrive there, although it remains indeterminate up until now how long the virus could survive in it.

Wastewater must be treated properly to exterminate unwanted germs, including viruses. Fortunately, the CDC confirms that there has been no reported case of COVID-19 infection that resulted from too much exposure to untreated wastewater.

Even though most people won’t have any business to come into contact with sewage water, here are some of the important things we ought to learn first about COVID-19 in relation to water, that is — the water that we have at home, in a swim spa for sale, pool or hot tub, as well as rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Tap Water is Safe

In light of the COVID-19 scare, the US CDC gave the public the much-needed assurance that the public water treatment systems they have in place, which includes chlorination and filtration, are sufficient and powerful enough to eradicate the new coronavirus.

In addition, it is such a relief to know also that the EPA made a confirmation recently that they don’t think that the new coronavirus would have a chance of even infecting the public drinking water. Evidence shows that there is a very low possibility that we’d contract the virus from the public water supply.  

If you happen to have your own private well in your backyard, we suggest that you take into account the use of a certified home treatment device. Usually, this would come in the form of a water softener, filtration system, disinfectants, and distillation. Any of these measures will significantly help in eliminating bacteria and viruses, and included here is this new strain of the novel coronavirus.

Swim Spa for Sale Use is Safe

Provided that your swim spa or hot tub is properly maintained, it should follow that it is safe to use and free from novel coronavirus. When it comes to proper maintenance of your water entertainment facility, this translates to regular checks and adjustments of the pool water pH and chlorine levels.

For whatever it’s worth, the CDC made it clear that there is no solid reason to believe that COVID-19 can be spread through a pool or hot tub water. While community pools as well as water parks and playgrounds open and slowly resume their operations, make sure that you always maintain proper social distancing from everyone around – regardless if you are in the water or at the poolside.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and for Your Teens Too?

Hormone replacement therapy for men can apply to the needs of teens with low T-levels. When boys reach the adolescent age of 14 years old, their bodies are supposed to undergo growth spurt. This is the point in time that their bodies would begin to develop their male physical features such as muscles, some hairs in the body, and the deepening of the tone of their voices.

The general public is under the impression that low T-levels is an exclusive experience of the middle-aged and senior men. But even young adolescent boys are susceptible to low testosterone, too, known in the medical world as hypogonadism. This condition will keep their bodies from developing their inherent male characteristics to the full extent, and thus will not be at pace with their peers. HRT replacement therapy may help in this regard. 


Supplementing their young bodies with a small dose of testosterone in the form of male hormone replacement therapy is sometimes necessary to help spur their bodies to develop even further. 

Hypogonadism 101

Testosterone is a hormone that gives shape and defines a boy’s body in its developmental journey towards becoming the body of a young man. Those glands found in their testes, referred to as gonads, are responsible for producing this hormone.

A simple delay in the production of this hormone can happen and would signify that, when compared to his peers, he is having low T condition right that very moment. Known as a constitutional delay of puberty, this kind of delay could become long term until he reaches 18 or 19 years old. Beyond this point, it could be a matter of greater concern.  

But there are instances also that hypogonadism is brought about by some kind of chromosomal conditions like the Klinefelter syndrome, in which the production of testosterone would decrease over time. Certain infections, injuries, and even medical treatments can trigger reduced T-levels.  

Indicating Signs of Hypogonadism

In young adolescent boys, this condition will be indicated more by what is not taking place as opposed to what is. Say, for instance, young boys entering puberty period would know their bodies are entering this stage by undergoing first the enlargement of their testicles. This should be taken as the kick-off signal that the development of sexual characteristics and the puberty period are on the way. However, in the absence or with low amounts of testosterone in the body, this event is likely not going to take place. 

But most of the time, the boy itself will not be aware of the fact that his testicles should have enlarged already but haven’t. Neither his parents would be aware of it. If this is the case, then you need to look for other, more visible telltale signs for this such as the following: 

boy puberty period
  • Deepening voice
  • Development of pubic hair
  • Body and facial hair development
  • Growth or height, with respect to the development of peers
  • Muscle development, compared with peers
  • Penile development/growth in size and girth

In young boys, the most critical time for their body’s development into the puberty stage would be ages 13-14. If his body failed to develop enlarged testicles and the outset of adult musculature and height are not taking place by 14, a reputable doctor can proceed in testing him for hypogonadism.  

There is nothing unusual if a teen male is diagnosed as having a low testosterone level since there are options that can be taken advantage of to manage it. Sometimes, you may just need to wait upon your boy’s body. There are instances that it might catch up on its own.  If you need to know more about low testosterone or how testosterone replacement therapy can  impact men’s overall health and well-being, the best recourse you can take here is to reach out to a reputable TRT doctor for advice and consultation.

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Weight Loss Surgery Cost Comprehensive Guide

In today’s time, obesity is a serious problem that needs urgent attention from worldwide health authorities. Such urgency of the condition can be realized from the reality that there are more overweight adults today. Consequently, to encompass all the opportunities we offer to you a guide to weight loss surgery cost that provides all details of undertaking a surgery abroad.

Excessive obesity or morbid obesity puts a person at a heightened risk of various health conditions. This may include diabetes, coronary heart disease (CHD), hypertension, and other deadly events such as heart and stroke.

Weight Loss Surgery Cost Considerations

Integrating long-lasting changes in the total lifestyle becomes the requirement of the hour in these cases. Physical exercise, diet management, and healthy lifestyle adjustments are needed to drop weight. But this method rarely manages to work for individuals who are morbidly overweight.

For persons who are very obese, weight loss surgery is a useful and encouraging option to shed extra weight. Nevertheless, it is not simply a surgical procedure. The patient is needed to make a lifetime dedication to a healthy life. In the lack of such loyalty, it is difficult to witness the required results.

The malfunction to adjust to the changing way of life has a direct influence on the overall cost that the patient might have to earn later. This comprises the out-of-pocket fees that patients pay to handle obesity-related comorbidities.

In this surgery cost handbook, we have collected the costs of the most common weight loss procedures – gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric band. Also, it assesses some of the issues that control the total costs, the out-of-pocket costs, and the methods to make the surgery more cost-effective.

Kinds of Weight Loss Surgeries and their Differences

There are three main types of weight loss surgery that overweight individuals can select from. Though, the eligibility standards for each of these kinds of surgeries differ. For instance, individuals with body mass index (BMI) over 40 are an appropriate nominee for sleeve gastrectomy process and not for gastric banding.

woman planking

Cost of Surgeries Around the World

Although the greatest aim of each type of weight loss process is the same, the methodology to achieve the needed results is distinct. Because of the varying style, the price of bariatric surgery is unique. Also, every type of weight loss surgery needs different skills, levels of competences, and investing with respect to time. All these motivations also add to the cost of every surgery.

It can be observed that the cost of a specific type of weight-loss surgical procedure differs from one country to the next. For example, sleeve gastrectomy price in India is just $4000 but the same kind of procedure could cost as high as $20000 in the United States. The price of a certain medical process depends on the laws that regulate healthcare services.So many people are in need of surgeries that can help them with their obesity, but not everyone would be able to afford it. This is why it is important to be aware of the costs so you can assess if it is something you can afford or not. Click here for the other types of weight-loss surgeries.