5 Reasons Why Spa for Sale Makes the Best Small Inground Pools

Thinking about installing an in-ground pool but you have limited space and budget? A swim spa for sale is the best alternative for regular pools that you could use no matter the weather.  

This outdoor water facility will not only make a fantastic addition to your backyards but is also great for recreational purposes or fitness routines.

Today, many people ask if they can put a swim spa in the ground. Well, you will be surprised to know that there are a few different options for installing swim spas in your backyard! 

While keeping a spa above ground is the simplest way to install a swim spa, many homeowners prefer the look of in-ground pools. 

However, there are some things to think about, such as maintenance and servicing, drainage channels, the base where the spa will be installed, and electrical connections, to name a few. 

spa for sale

First, let’s look at a few different ways you can install a swim spa in your backyard to reflect your personal style and preferences.

Options for Installing a Swim Spa Inground

Partially In-ground Spas

A spa can be installed partially into the ground by installing a deck around it. If you want to avoid the hassle and expense of a full excavation, a raised deck is a good deal. This option is also great if it’s just not possible to install the spa fully inground due to geographical factors.

Fully In-Ground Spas

Though it can be costly to excavate for a full in-ground swim spa, the outcomes are often worth it. Once it’s in place, an inground spa can be blended in with your garden and outdoor landscape. You may also add a pergola or a canopy to keep the rain off while swimming.

But with so many pool options in the market today, what makes swim spas the best choice for small inground pools? 

Here’s why:

Swim Spas are Multifunctional

Though swims spas are small compared to regular pools, they are multifunctional. You can accomplish the same activities in this small pool as in a regular pool. Some spas offer more versatility than large pools due to their water-current feature. When choosing a swim spa, always pick the perfect size for your needs. 

Spas are Easy to Maintain

Since a spa is a bit smaller than typical swimming pools, this makes them much easier to drain for cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, you can use spa covers when the spa is not in use to prevent dirt and debris from getting in. 

Inexpensive to Operate

Unlike large swimming pools, swim spas need less water, which means smaller heating costs and fewer chemicals to sanitize the water. Most spa models are also insulated to boost temperature retention, adding even more savings. A spa cover also results in minimal humidity and even more heat retention. 

Easy to Install

Swim spas take up less space than the regular small in-ground pools. Depending on the construction material, installing them in-ground or partially above ground take less time and cost. Their size also makes them easier to fit into small spaces. 

An Outdoor Spa Complements Your Home

Whether the style of your home is modern or traditional, swim spas can easily fit and complement your home due to their wide variety. Some spa manufacturers even let you pick the color of the spa itself. 

Looking to Invest in a Spa for Sale?

Now that you know that a swim spa can be installed in-ground, the next step is to pick your perfect swim spa model.

For all the reasons mentioned above, swim spas can make a great alternative to a regular swimming pool. 

To learn more about swim spa models and their functions, visit a local pool and spa warehouse near you or make an appointment to try one yourself.