Keep Your Spa in Perfect Condition with Quality Australian Spa Parts

Buying a spa is one thing and maintaining it is quite another. That is why looking for reputable Australian spa parts is crucial in keeping your spa in perfect condition. 

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As part of your regular spa maintenance, always check the spa parts from wear and tear to ensure they are functioning well. 

After checking, some parts may need replacement, and it’s time for you to look for available spa parts online or directly to a pool and spa warehouse near you.

Types of Australian Spa Parts Available Online

Below are the main types of spa parts that need regular checking, and in some cases need replacement.

These parts are available in spa shops near you or online. Just make sure that you choose a shop that offers quality spa parts and hassle-free returns and replacements.

• Spa Filters

• Spa Heaters

• Spa Jets

• Spa Pumps

• Touchpad Controllers

• Lights & Sensors

• Blowers

In addition, when it comes to maintenance, make sure that you use the right chemicals and apply them accurately based on their specific purpose. Some spa shops offer guides about the proper application of these chemicals.

Ways on How to Properly Maintain your Spa

When it comes to maintaining your spa, you don’t need to be an expert to do it.  You only need a basic understanding of water chemistry and a simple maintenance schedule. Here are some basic ways to keep your spa in perfect condition.

1. Maintaining Good Water Circulation

Always maintain regular water circulation in your spa to keep away debris and other contaminants by passing the water through your spa’s cartridge filters. Running your spa several times can make the water cleaner and refresh.

Other spa models can schedule an automatic circulation either once or twice daily. But if your spa doesn’t have this feature, you can instead turn it on for 15-20 minutes.

2. Stick to a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Outdoor spas are prone to scum and other debris like trash and leaves. Cleaning them on a regular schedule is an essential part of maintenance that will keep them in good condition. 

Also, make sure that you clean not only the inside part of the spa but all surfaces, including the filters and jets. You can use a sponge and some white vinegar to clean the shell. Draining the spa completely to clean it thoroughly is also a good idea.

3. Balance your Water Chemistry

Determining the pH and alkalinity levels of your spa water is needed to ensure that the chemical levels are within the proper ranges. 

You can use test strips or a liquid test kit to do this. Test the water at least once a week or as needed, and make sure to adjust the water chemistry as necessary.

Lastly, maintaining your spa in a daily basis keeps them in good condition and ensures their safety.