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Making an Industrial Ceiling Fan a Part of Your Home

If you are in the market searching for a good industrial ceiling fan, then you are among those who like the rugged yet functional appearance of industrial home décor. Such a popular style is made obvious by its usage of raw materials, bare hardware, and clear functionality, taking signals from lighting, equipment, and more from old factories and warehouses. In spite of the fact that industrial type of ceiling fans look like they are for industrial spaces, they are actually intended for residential use and they are stylish, efficient, and relatively inexpensive. The majority of residential buyers opt to use industrial fans that look industrial yet they perform just like the standard residential types, thus saving money on the cost of operations and maintenance.

Industrial Ceiling Fan Considerations

Ceiling Height

Ceiling height plays an important role when buying an industrial fan. This is because a real industrial fan should spin at high velocities. Also, they are heavier compared to average ones, thus needing more room for safer installation. But, there are also ceiling fans that look like they are industrial fans but are used for residential purposes that need ceilings that are 10-foot or higher. Some industrial fans that do not operate at high speeds can be installed on rooms that have lower ceilings.

industrial ceiling fan

Integrating the Fan as Part of the Décor

If you prefer the cool and utilitarian aesthetics of an industrial ceiling fan, but do not necessarily need so much power, blade span or speed, then you are lucky. A lot of fan manufacturers produce industrial-inspired fans or ceiling fans. In some cases, they are fit for commercial spaces. There are also affordable ones so they could be installed in houses and other less demanding environments.

Performance Matters

One warning when buying industrial fans is to keep in mind that while aesthetics is important in residential settings, performance is of equal importance. Utilize the fan ratings, recommendations, and reviews to get a stylish fan that is intended to perform. It is very important that you do not choose one just because of how it looks. With the availability of options in the market, finding a fan that meets your standards is always possible.

Get the Right Size

Size always matters. Those with bigger motors and blades have more airflow and the more that the fan looks like it just came out from the warehouse. But, it is important you don’t just consider its blade span. There are other factors that should be considered as RPM, CFM, and wind speed.

Industrial fans are available in sizes of 52 inches to over 100 inches. The majority of styles are 60 inches or more. In large shopping centers and airports, it is common to see fans that are 12 and 24 feet in diameter. You can use a fan size calculator to determine the exact size of the fan you need. There are also sizing rules that you should follow to be sure that you get the right version for your needs.